10 Years for Down-hole Expert Wade Radlich

August 17, 2022

Wade Radich is an invaluable member of the Ranger Drilling team who’s respected by all for his great work ethic. Wade always puts in his all, working to his limit to make sure that jobs are done correctly day in, day out. Now, in 2022 he celebrates a decade at Ranger Drilling.

Over the years, Wade Radich has proven his ability to operate a safe and productive rig at major iron ore sites, and trained numerous senior offsiders, to become skilled drillers. Ultimately, we love to promote from within, and Wade gives everyone a fair go; a man with outstanding people management skills.

“I spent about 2 1/2 years on Rig 12 with Radich, some of the best years and training provided I could have hoped for.” – Quote from Ben Dunstan-Elliot

Operations Superintendent Andrew Dymock has known Wade for over 13 years, working with him for a big chunk of that at Ranger. One fond memory of his was sitting down after the first hole of the day up at Woodie Woodie and tucking into one of Soly’s “heart attack” toasties (as Wade use to call them). “The sanga had been up on the turbo for 80 metres and was cooked to perfection.”

The world has changed significantly since Wade began at Ranger Drilling, as has our technology. He’s now stepping outside of his comfort zone and taking on technology managing crews, rigs and BHP standards with a laptop in hand and a smile on his face. In fact, his name might be a bit of a misnomer; he plunges into any new job with gusto.

Wade has earned a reputation as an expert in down-hole operations, which some say is proven by the number of offspring he’s produced.

But where big changes put some into a spin, Wade’s mantra when it comes to work means it’s rare to see the bloke flustered: “Round and round, up and down. Don’t overcomplicate it. Keep it simple.”

It’s true that Radich knows all about working hard out bush and getting s**t done. But many of the team will also raise a tinny to Wade’s thoughtfulness with the bush chooks at camp after a long stretch on the rig. As some say, “Running things the way they should be run.”

Happy tenth anniversary, Wade!