Grade Control is an important value add to any ore reserve. Ranger have a fleet of RC Grade Control drill rigs suited to multiple commodities and operations. Our fleet is truck and track mounted dependant on the application.

Sample quality and productivity are paramount to any grade control operation. Our machines have depth capacities up to 300 meters, whilst remaining nimble and efficient.

how we work

Ranger Drilling approach grade control with quality outcomes in mind. Splitting systems are setup to meet client and ore body requirements.

Our crews are focussed on being productive, but not at the cost of poor sample quality. We provide dedicated supervision to ensure that communications are frequent with our customers and crews are well supported in the execution of the work. Mechanical support is allocated to each project to minimise downtime. We understand the impact of downtime and cost management.

Our modern equipment is setup to deliver safe and productive outcomes. Our crews work safely and understand that a safe operation is a productive one.

grade control
grade control sample

what we can do for you

We can assist with the setup, scheduling and planning of your grade control program.

With any mining operation it is critical to work to budget. Ranger Drilling is able to provide clarity in cost projection, productivity and budgets.

We can provide dedicated equipment suitable to your specific needs supported by site management, supervision, mechanical support and infrastructure.

Using Ranger Drilling for your grade control needs assures accurate ore body knowledge so that mine plans can be developed and executed with confidence.

Grade Control FAQs

  • What is grade control?

    • Grade control is the process of drilling holes, usually in close proximity to check the quality & grade of the ore while mining is underway. This is commonly carried out after the ore body has been identified and is used to help define the mine model.

  • Why is grade control in mining important?

    • It is the most cost-effective way to define the boundaries between the ore body and the waste dirt.

  • What does grade control drilling entail?

    • Grade control drilling consists of a number of drill holes in close proximity, usually in the ore body. This allows the geologists to determine the ore grade and its changes as well as helping locate the boundaries of the mine pits where it intersects waste rock.

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