Ranger Drilling can provide multiple solutions for customers water requirements.

Our solutions include the drilling and construction of production and monitoring bores, as well as the installation and grouting of geotechnical instruments for water and ground monitoring purposes. We have multiple years of experience in varying ground conditions and understand the challenges that come with difficult ground conditions. Our equipment is versatile and suited to multi-discipline approaches to providing solutions.

How We Work

Any hydro or geo-technical installation program requires accurate planning and scoping to ensure success.

Ranger Drilling approaches the work from a risk-based approach. For success, it is important to understand the required outcomes of any project. We identify these outcomes and use this information to then develop the project plan and methodology. Ground condition knowledge is important in building the methodology.

Skills, compliance and licensing are assessed to ensure that the right people are allocated for the project. Our Drillers are licensed appropriately for any projects we undertake.

Ranger Management, Supervision and crews are engaged with our customers to ensure project execution meets budgets and timelines. Open communication is critical for success.

Water Bore Drilling - Ranger Drilling
Water Bore Drilling case study - Ranger Drilling

What we can do for you

We offer water bore drilling services utilising modern equipment. Our capabilities range from the installation of 300mm collars with up to 8” casing installations using threaded or welded steel casing or PVC as required.

Our Geotechnical installation offerings include the drilling, installation and grouting of Vibrating Wire Piezometers, TDR cables and any other installations as required.

Our grouting equipment utilises measured weigh bins, auger delivery of product and colloidal mixers. The method allows continual grouting for premium outcomes.

A quality assured process has been built around the grouting installations to ensure consistent product delivery with full visibility on grout mixes, viscosity and other required information for surety of successful completion.

We have previously partnered to deliver on telemetry solutions for data delivery to site based IT infrastructure using digital radio technology.

Water Bore Drilling FAQs

  • What is water bore drilling?

    • Water bore drilling is the process of drilling a hole into an underground aquifer to extract the groundwater, usually by way of a pump. This type of drilling generally requires permits, licenced operators as well as the bore construction and is commonly used for irrigation, reticulation, livestock or potted water.

  • How long does a borehole last?

    • A good quality borehole that is well maintained can last a lifetime if the groundwater can keep up the supply.

  • How long does a water bore take to drill?

    • This can vary depending on the requirements such as the purpose of the bore, required capacity and the bore depth & diameter. A standard backyard bore can take a day, whereas a deep production bore can take months to complete.

  • What type of drill is used for a water bore?

    • A water bore can be drilled by all sorts of rigs if it has the right operator. It is important the equipment has the capability to meet the bore requirements. Water well/Mud Rotary rigs, Reverse Circulation rigs and Diamond rigs are commonly used for water bores. These can vary in size.

We are of the major mining contractors to some of Australia’s biggest miners. We pride ourselves on providing innovative drilling solutions in WA.