We offer diamond core drilling services. Whether it be dual tube or triple tube applications in N, H, or PQ sizing, Ranger will be able to assist.

Our crews are experienced in all ground formations and can competently deliver good sample and recovery rates in varying ground formations and conditions.

How we work

We have experience in all methods of diamond core drilling. This experience built over decades allows Ranger to deliver quality outcomes.

Hole direction and integrity are an important part of any diamond core program. This focus coupled with core recovery and presentation allow confidence in results.


What we can do for you

Ranger can cater equipment to suit your diamond core drilling program requirements. We are experienced in both near mine and green fields operations.

Diamond Core Drilling FAQs

  • What is diamond core drilling?

    • Diamond drilling (or diamond core drilling) is the process of using a diamond-studded drill bit to drill down and withdraw a solid core sample from the ground rather than a chipped sample.

  • How does diamond core drilling work?

    • The diamond-encrusted bit is attached to the core tube which is then attached to the drilling rods. With the addition of water and drill muds the drill bit is rotated at high speed to cut through the rock in a cylindrical fashion to produce a core sample which is held up in the barrel. From there the core sample is lifted to the surface with the use of a wireline where it is removed for analysis by the geologist.

  • How long does core drilling take?

    • Diamond drilling is a slower technique than the other forms of drilling such as Reverse Circulation and Air Core and can vary on time depending on the ground formations and hole depths. Generally, a standard hole can take up to a couple of days.

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