As a leading WA reverse circulation drilling contractor, Ranger Drilling uses latest state of the art technologies and RC drill rigs.

Our fleet consists of modern equipment and RC drill rigs capable of executing deep RC work using auxiliary air packages or smaller units with small footprint, including track mounted rigs, for smaller shallower programs. We are familiar with working in either brownfields and remote greenfields projects. Our reverse circulation drilling projects are all carried out by highly skilled, experienced and qualified personnel. We have extensive support mechanisms including field supervision, maintenance support and regional bases to ensure that efficient programs are run.

How we work

Our business is accredited against AS/NZS4801, ISO9001 and 14001. This means that we deliver consistent, quality results across the board.

Our teams are experienced and capable of drilling all formations. Our heritage is not limited by exposure to any specific geographical or geological area. We approach our work with the customers outcomes first and foremost.

Reverse circulation drilling projects are approached with the key information at hand so we know before we start what to expect. This approach allows Ranger to manage specific items such as hole deviation and sample quality from the onset.

Our reputation for delivering sample quality RC drilling is known throughout the industry (case study).

Our RC drill rigs well maintained and has been designed to ensure our people are not put at risk. Rod handlers are fixed to all rigs with further engineering controls implemented across the other areas of the rig.

As contractors to Australia’s biggest miners, we pride ourselves on providing innovative reverse circulation drilling solutions using quality RC Drill rigs.
As contractors to Australia’s biggest miners, we pride ourselves on providing innovative reverse circulation drilling solutions using quality RC Drill rigs.

What we can do for you

We can deliver the outcomes required from your RC drilling program. Our versatile fleet of RC drill rigs can be utilised to execute your next reverse circulation drilling program.

Whether it be deep hole drilling or shallow RC, Ranger is able to assist with your requirements.

We are setup to carry out works in brownfields sites or should you have remote exploration work, we can also assist.

Our experienced Driller’s are all qualified with a Certificate III or IV in Mineral Exploration Drilling. Our support mechanisms allow peace of mind that programs will be well attended and carried out with minimal downtime.

We have Supervisors and Mechanical support in the field at all times to assist with equipment maintenance, logistical and technical assistance.

Reverse Circulation Drilling FAQs

  • What is reverse circulation drilling (RC drilling)?

    • Reverse circulation drilling uses drill rods with inner tubes inside to allow the sample/cuttings to return to the surface through the inner tube. The sample is produced by driving a pneumatically operated drill hammer and drill bit that is attached to the drill rods through the rock. This chipped sample then travels from the bottom of the hole, up through the inner tubes and out through a sampling system where it is collected for analysis.

  • What type of drill is used for reverse circulation drilling?

    • There are many types of RC drills with technology and innovation always improving. Generally, RC drill rigs are larger than other forms as they are fitted with compressors, engines, pumps and drill rods.

  • What are the key benefits of reverse circulation drilling?

    • RC is generally cheaper than diamond and is a faster form of drilling which allows quicker return on the sample results. The equipment can be packed up and moved easily while achieving good depths of up to 500 metres.

We are of the major mining contractors to some of Australia’s biggest miners. We pride ourselves on providing innovative drilling solutions in WA.