What makes our workforce, work?

May 3, 2018

If you were asked to imagine a ‘typical’ person in the mining sector, what springs to mind? Hard hat, high-viz, built like an20180503-ranger-crew ox? The truth is, to make the sector work, it takes all types and a range of skills, which is why diversity is so important to us at Ranger.

Our workforce of industrious talent hail from across the globe, including Africa, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Fiji, Indonesia and the Philippines. They’ve all had different journeys which eventually led them to us, and while training and professional experience matters, as does life experience outside the rig-wrangling work.

One of our drilling offsiders started their career working in Africa as a fitter before heading to France to upskill as a Mechanic. “I moved to Australia 11 years ago, did a stint as an Offsider and Truck Driver, then worked in Perth for family reasons. I’m now keen to get back to site.”

Traditionally a male-dominated industry, more women are taking on positions in a range of roles. Nina starting working as a Field Tech in Oil & Gas. “Then, when I went to London I worked in a nightclub, but when I came back I was keen to get back into resources,” she says. She’s now working with Ranger as a Utility Worker.


Diversity matters in finding the best talent. The Australian Human Rights Commission points out that over 28% of the permanent Australian population was born overseas; and another 20% have a parent who was born overseas; a huge pool of talent which is sadly often discriminated against. For Ranger, our priority is always about capturing the best talent, boosting innovation, and encouraging productivity.


One of our employees told us why they applied for a job with Ranger, saying they, “Had friends in the company that recommended Ranger.” As we grow, we’ll be happy to see more friendships forged between folks from all walks of life. If you’d like to apply for a role with us, head to our Careers page here.