Meet Rig 18!

June 25, 2018

Ranger Announces Rig 18: Our Diamond Drilling Dynamo

They say a diamond is forever and we have no doubt that the new Ranger Rig 18 is built to last. The latest addition to the Ranger fleet, Rig 18 incorporates the Boart Longyear LF160 drill rig and the LF262 FREEDOM™ Loader into one mighty machine, and was purchased for a diamond contract with Rio Tinto.

The focus for our new equipment is on enhancing safety without compromising on productivity. The key with Rig 18 is in the hands-free rod handling, meaning the driller’s assistant doesn’t need to manually connect to the top drive head or align the rods.

The FREEDOM™ Loader’s remote control panel allows drillers to move to, and work from a safer location and away from the risks of moving rods. The end result is drastically reducing the likelihood of hand and back injuries.

When originally launched at the MINExpo in Nevada, Boart Longyear Director of Product Management & Marketing, Monika Portman, explained, “The combination of the LF160 Drill Rig and the LF262 Freedom Loader provides freedom in drilling, movement, and bidding.”

Productivity matters to any site, and the loader can cycle six meter rods in the same time or less of manual cycle – while improving safety.

Portman went on to state, “The new Freedom series is aptly named because drillers’ safety and productivity are front-of-mind in the design.”

The rig and loader includes:

  • A forward-tilting head design that simplifies the rod handling process;
  • A clamping device that maintains constant pressure at any hole depth;
  • Wireline winch located in the front of the mast for improved visibility;
  • Depth capacity of up to 1,800 meters;
  • And, compliance with international emissions requirements.

In need of diamond drilling? Rest assured Ranger Drilling can now offer small Hydro-drilling, Monitoring bores, Reverse Circulation, Air Core and Diamond Drilling rigs to service your next project. Contact us.