New Rig 23: Fully specced out and on site

June 1, 2022

The Ranger Drilling fleet has expanded again as this month we commissioned Rig 23 on a well known Pilbara iron ore site. Starting with just one rig in 2007, our 23rd addition to the Ranger fleet further solidifies our capacity as a leading exploratory drilling company for the Western Australian resources industry.

Number 23 is a WDN-ES270 semi-autonomous RC rig complete with an automatic rod loader and self-set-up. Specialised in-built features (developed in partnership between Ranger Drilling and Cortex Intelligence Systems) ability to engage the stabiliser jacks, level out and raise the mast at the push of a button. The rig operator can drill their metres out of harm’s way, measuring pressure and rotation remotely from the driver’s cab or from further afield.

Machine Data Processing Features

The other game-changing feature of our customised RC drill rig is the Cortex MDP (Machine Data Provider) system. The system has many benefits including being able to gather geological data down-hole in real-time and calculating the ideal speed, pressure and rotation for maximum efficiency.

In the words of Cortex, “The intuitive graphic display shows system pressures, temperatures and speeds, as well as calculated and mathematically modelled projections of ground conditions for better-informed drilling decisions and improved performance.”

Using millions of data points from across the rig (sent encrypted over mobile data networks) to Ranger Drilling HQ, we’re able to view 3D models of the rig and key safety and performance indicators in real-time from anywhere. Parsed through particular software, MDP also offers up predictive mineral deposits based on the site sampling and metadata from previous drilling expeditions.

A first for WDM Drill Maintenance

Rig 23 is the first WDM-built drill rig we’ve deployed. While appearing to be relative newcomers in specialist manufacturing, that is in brand name only. Fabrication has been overseen by long-established players who previously worked with Ausdrill among other well-known providers.

We’ve been thoroughly impressed by their delivery, the results and performance to date with Rig 23. Already, WDM has Rig 24 and Rig 25 in the build phase in their workshop, the latter of which will be ready for deployment in mid-2022.

For more information on the Ranger Drilling fleet of autonomous drilling vehicles, please feel free to get in touch with Ranger Operations Manager, Mick Walker.