Ranger Drilling Diversifies Its Service Offerings

December 13, 2016


In order to meet all the drilling requirements of our customers, we have commenced a geotechnical diamond drilling program at a current customer’s site.

We have partnered with a sub-contractor to execute the works, managed under Ranger’s contract.

This is another step forward in our service offerings to encompass all facets of drilling service supply and ensure our customers get excellent service. This extension has allowed the client to maintain their supplier base, reduce their administration burdens, and rely on Ranger to deliver quality outcomes for their work.

The program involves triple tube coring with some geotechnical installations – skills that Ranger has years of in-house expertise in.

The alignment of a single contractor allows a single point of contact for drilling services, less contractors to manage, as well as onsite efficiencies through reduced manpower and ability to utilise a support base that is well-established on site.