Ranger Drilling scores Roy Hill contract

October 23, 2013


Ranger Drilling has been awarded an $18 million Grade Control Drilling contract for the Roy Hill iron ore project in the Pilbara.

Drilling will commence in November and will run for three years with a two-year option.

Two Reverse Circulation rigs from the eight rig fleet, will be utilised for the first two years, adding another in the third year of the contract.

Ranger Drilling maintains consistent growth in all divisions of the business including Grade Control, RC Exploration, Water Monitoring and Diamond Drilling despite the tightening in the market.

“Ranger continues to experience good revenue growth from drilling and technology-led projects which require specialist innovation solutions” Ranger Drilling Managing Director, Matt Izett said.

Combining resources and infrastructure from exploration, water and mine drilling into a vertically integrated package, is an attractive contracting model which many clients and projects like Roy Hill, are seeking.

As part of Ranger Drillings commitment to innovation and targeted diversification, advanced planning has seen the company partner with Fluid Potential.

Ranger Drilling recently started its Research and Development division, which has already delivered the first fully automated drill rod loader.

Ranger Drilling have invested time and money into building an excellent team of employees which never fail to deliver.

As a result, Ranger continues to win large Grade Control Drilling contracts and is confident in delivering the best outcomes for its partners.